Frequency analysis of repetitive finger tapping – extracting parameters for movement quantification (bibtex)
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  Abstract                 = {In clinical practice, the finger tapping movement is often validated visually, thus resulting in a coarse diagnostic resolution. However, by using miniature inertial sensor mounted on fingertip of index finger, finger tapping performance can be quantified, allowing objective assessment of specific characteristics or changes in the finger tapping pattern over time. Various parameters such as cadence, tapping duration, speed, and tapping angle can be extracted for detailed analysis of patient’s motor performance. However, the listed parameters, although intuitive and simple to interpret, do not always carry all necessary information regarding subject’s motor performance. Here we present kinematic parameters extracted from spectral analysis that are significant for finger tapping assessment. With these parameters, tapping’s intravariability, movement smoothness and anomalies that occur within the tapping performance can be identified and observed, providing significant information for further diagnostics and monitoring progress of the disease of response to therapy.},
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