Instrumented objects for the study and quantitative evaluation of grasping and manipulation strategies. (bibtex)
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  pages        = {64},
  abstract     = {Impairment of grasping ability is very frequent in stroke survivors. However, despite the importance of this question and the numerous rehabilitation techniques dedicated to grasping, there still lacks comprehensive studies on grasping function and manipulation after stroke. In addition, there is also a lack of pertinent methods for the assessment of grasping function in hemiparetic patients; along with devices to evaluate patients’ motor performances in a simple way.

We therefore developed a set of instrumented objects that can be grasped and manipulated by patients while wirelessly recording accelerations, orientations and forces applied over their surfaces. We present here the results obtained with one of this object (an instrumented rectangular box). An experimental protocol based on grasping/lifting and manipulation tasks was developed and run on a population of healthy subjects. Analysis was conducted on the data recorded, thanks to suitable developed metrics (timings analysis, force levels and repartition over the object, smoothness etc.).

Results indicates that such simple instrumented object could be suitable to characterize sensorimotor impairments, which may help the understanding of grasping and manipulation strategies in hemiparetic patients and complement assessment using standard clinical scales.},
  category     = {ACTIS},
  doi          = {10.1016/},
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